May 27, 2016

Adult Sunday School: 9:00 Bible Study
9:30 Topics to be Announced

Youth Sunday School: 9:30

Kindergarten-6th Grade Sunday School

K-5th grade Sunday School children learn from Potter's Publishing Curriculum where we experience a different workshop each week.  For six weeks children learn about the same story but in different ways. We learn through drama, cooking, computers, art, science, journey, story telling, music, dance, bible variety, games, etc.  We have 4 teams of two teachers who rotate every four weeks.  All of our teachers are eager to share the workshop story with their class.

Our children also participate in a yearly Christmas pageant, in the Palm Sunday Processional and take part in the worship service from time to time.

Come join us for Sunday School at 9:20.  We'd love to see you!

Here's what's happening currently in K-5th:  “Advent” Get Ready the Light is Coming. Children learn that Advent is a time of preparing for the Light of the World – Jesus. The Advent wreath is the focal point of each workshop – with each workshop emphasizing a different candle that reminds children of Jesus and living in Jesus’ way. A Family Advent Event Workshop kicks off the first Sunday rotation.  Additional lessons will focus on our hope in the Light, giving love to others by sharing cookies, feeling the joy by making a joyful noise unto the Lord and being encouraged to share the good news.

Oct. 30:  Journey:  K-5th children light the Peace Candle on the Advent wreath and learn that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Through the “Journey to the Prince of Peace” children seek Jesus, just as the wise men did. At different stations on the journey they gather and learn about the gifts of the wise men and place the gifts in a treasure chest. Another station provides them with the opportunity to contemplate and write or draw what they could give to Jesus. The children journey to the “Cave” to give their treasure boxes to Jesus. The journey ends with a blessing. The children are encouraged to continue to give gifts to Jesus through a family take home activity.
Nov. 6:  K-5th graders finish up their Advent unit with Storytelling:  As children light the Christ candle in the Advent wreath, they are reminded that Jesus is the light of the world. They hear the story of Jesus’ birth by using “Nativity Story Figures” and a Bible search that helps them assemble a Christmas Story Booklet. Children learn that the Christmas story is too important of a story to keep to themselves and they can share the story with others by using the story figures and booklets they made.

Nov. 13:  K-5th graders will begin a new unit – “Christ Revealed” Symbols of Christmas
Art/Mission Workshop
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  Poinsettia Gift/Mission Project
Lesson Summary:
As children hear the Christmas story, they learn how the poinsettia is a cultural symbol that points to Jesus’ birth.  They learn of the wise men’s gifts to Jesus and how we honor Jesus when we give unselfish gifts from the heart.  The mission element of this workshop involves the making of poinsettia gifts to give from their hearts to designated recipients

Nov. 20:  Cooking Workshop
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  Candy Cane Cookies
Lesson Summary:
The candy cane is a widely used decoration at Christmas.  How does the candy cane point to Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas?  Children learn of the legend of the candy cane and explore how each candy cane part reveals the Christmas story and points to Jesus.  The children make candy cane cookies that they will give away to others along with a Good News Candy Cane Postcard as part of a mission outreach activity.

Nov. 27:  Science Workshop
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  “Light of the World” Electricity Experiment
Lesson Summary:
Strands and strands of colorful lights decorate our trees, our homes, and our towns during Christmas. The children will learn how Christmas lights point to Jesus and reveal the true meaning of Christmas. Through a science experiment, the children will learn how the Christ Child was born to be the "Light of the World."  Then, using conductors and insulators, the children will learn how to let the light of Christ shine within them.

Dec. 4:    K-6  Costume fitting @ 9:00  and Pageant Practice @ 9:30

Dec. 11:  Pageant Practice @ 9:00 for all

Dec. 18:  Geography Workshop
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  Mapping the Christmas Story
Lesson Summary:
Angels and stars top our Christmas trees and can be seen around town, on streetlights and in store windows.  The children will learn how angels and stars reveal Jesus and point to the true meaning of Christmas. By using maps and labels, the children learn the geography of the Christmas story.  The children will learn the important roles of the angels and star.  They will understand how they can spread the Christmas message as the angels did, and follow the star of Jesus in their own lives. 

Dec. 25No Sunday School today.

Jan. 1:  No Sunday School today for all.

Jan. 8:  Computer Workshop  
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  12 Days of Christmas Code Computer Game
Lesson Summary:
Although many Christmas carols retell the story of Jesus’ birth, some do not appear to have any obvious connection.  Nonetheless, legends tell us that some have important and meaningful connections to our Christian faith.  Children will become detectives using their computers to crack the code embedded in the well-known Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  Beside the obvious reference to the church’s twelve liturgical days following Jesus’ birth, this song’s code carries important messages that were known only to a particular Christian group. 

Jan. 15:  Movie Workshop
Concept:  Jesus, God’s gift to the world, is revealed through Christmas symbols today.
Activity:  The Birth of Jesus Video and Stick Puppets
Lesson Summary:
The Christmas story is a story that most of our children have heard throughout their young lives. Yet, many children are unable to retell the Christmas story or are reluctant to share it with unchurched friends.  Through the video primary children learn to retell the story with the aid of stick puppets. Intermediate children identify with Jason, the video’s main character, and the reluctance he feels in telling the Christmas story to a friend.  Both ages learn the importance of telling the Christmas story to others. 

Jan. 22: Esther:  A Believer in Persia
Children learn that the story of Esther is not a story of Esther’s beauty and her becoming queen but of God’s saving power and how God used a willing person like Esther to save God’s people.  First in our rotation is the:

Concept: God works through willing people to assure justice is done.
Activity: “The Story of Esther,” an interactive CD
Lesson Summary:
Children explore the story of Esther through an interactive CD.  As they listen to the story of Esther told in animation, they learn that Esther acted to do the right thing that saved innocent people.  They take an Esther Quiz and visit a Purim Festival through a video clip of a Jewish synagogue.  An M&M activity helps them understand that the Jewish people in Esther’s time were a persecuted minority in Persia.  They learn how people separate themselves by color, beliefs, ideas, likes, and actions.  Children are reminded that God made all people of all colors.  As Esther helped the persecuted Jews, God wants them to step out of their “feel good groups” when they see someone being mistreated.  They are encouraged to learn about and respect someone that is different than they are, and still remain faithful to God’s way.

Concept: God works through willing people to assure justice is done
Activity: Purim Celebration – Megillah reading, games, making something for the poor, food 
Lesson Summary:
Children enter a time of celebrating Purim.  They learn that the Jewish people celebrate Purim through joyful activities, giving to the poor, and giving food gifts to one another.  Through an art activity children create cards for a gift basket for a needy family.  A game helps them remember important facts about the story of Esther.  As they wrap up the Purim activities, children remember two significant celebrations central to the Christian faith – Christmas and Easter.  While Esther saved the Jewish people at that time, Jesus, our living Savior, saves all people who believe in him for all time.